Dear Friends & Neighbors

With the encouragement of friends and the support of my family, I have decided to seek re-election to represent District 76 in the Maine House of Representatives. Growing up here in Maine and having 9 siblings, I know the struggle many Maine families face. As a husband, father, and grandfather, I will use my many years of successful business experience to promote commerce and job growth, to expand entrepreneurial opportunity, to prioritize our limited resources, and to protect safety net programs for the vulnerable.

In Augusta, I promise to give my full effort and attention for the people of Rome, Belgrade, Mt. Vernon, Wayne, Fayette and Vienna. Let’s face it – a prosperous economy here in Maine increases available resources for programs important to us all. While we cannot spend more money than we take in, I will promote using sound business practices in the operation or our government to increase revenue without increasing taxes.

My story is simple and similar to others here in Maine. As a very young man, I knew I wanted the challenge of creating my own opportunities; and private business became that vehicle. In 1980, I started a very small environmentally-based company with my wife and I as the only employees. Over the years, our little company grew; and we made a tremendous impact on the reduction of solid waste in the Maine environment, collecting and recycling over 5,000 tons a year of material and selling to markets around the world. Upon leaving the company, I was supervising over 125 employees in 4 states and Canada and am very proud that my first employee is still with the company.

Additionally, since 1995, I have operated restaurants in coastal and central Maine employing over 150 people. The challenges I have faced in 30 years of business and the ability to meet those challenges through the collaboration of ideas of people inside and out of my organization have given me the skills and attitude necessary to make a difference in Augusta, as well.

It is my honor and privilege to ask you, the people of District 76, for your support in re-electing me as your representative to the Maine House.

-Gary Hilliard

House District 76

House and Senate districts are reapportioned every ten years. District 76 offers a great deal of natural resource and appears in the map to the left. District 76 includes the towns of Belgrade, Fayette, Mount Vernon, Rome, Vienna, Wayne.